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Is CryptoAlots available in my country?

CryptoAlots is currently available to people living in the following countries: Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States Why isn’t CryptoAlots available in my country? We’ve decided to only Read more…

Videos Available Countries Available Countries You can find an up-to-date list of available countries at need help? If you have any more questions about, please submit a request at

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How long does it take to earn points?

How long does it take to earn points? The more time you spend completing offers and inviting friends, the more you’ll earn. Some users visit for just a few minutes a day while others spend several hours completing offers. Feel free to spend as much time on our platform as Read more…

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How much are points worth?

How much are points worth? 1 point is worth $0.0001. Our rewards range from $0.50 to any amount you can earn, and we’re always looking to add new rewards to our platform! You can check out all the rewards available to you and their prices at

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Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts We want you to earn as much as you can using our platform! We’ve listed some of the best ways to earn more with us below, as well as some of the reasons that could cause your account to become blocked or suspended. Things you shouldn’t do: (these Read more…


My referral is not showing up?

My referral is not showing up? There are a number of different reasons why this can happen, including: They didn’t sign up using your referral link Their third-party cookies were disabled They cleared their browser cache or cookies They have used the wrong information in the link